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Tamarind seed powder is used in animal and pet industry due to the properties it exhibits; Tamarind seed powder retains moisture content when used along feed food which further increases the stability of the feed. TKP is used for its thickening properties and preferred as a suspending agent for animal feeds preparation. It is also used for a range of applications in the production of pet feeds especially in feeds for cattle, horse, sheep, etc. Its thickening capacity stays the main reason for several applications mainly as an addictive. In addition, it has good level of anti-bacterial function which will provide good resistance for animals.

Tamarind Seed meal

Tamarind seeds used as good substitute for source of protein in cattle feeds and rich tannin content of tamarind pod husk is useful to depress gas production in crossbred dairy cows and also tamarind seeds are fed to draught animals.


Watered or cooked tamarind seeds have been used in rations of finisher pigs and reproductive sows without negative effect on live weight gain.


Tamarind seeds of 2% in the diet are fed to laying lens had positive effects and led to lower yolk cholesterol and higher results in feed conversion, egg production and egg weight.

Pod husk

When 7.5% diet containing tamarind Pod husks fed to dairy cows showed a higher live weight gain and milk yield.