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Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) consists of fruit, black seeds and husk. Tamarind husk is outer shell of tamarind fruit obtained after removing the fruit, the process for obtaining tamarind husk is during the separation process to remove the fruit and black seeds.

Tamarind seed husk is brown outer shell of black seeds obtained after decortications of roasted seeds

It has wide uses in fuel and cattle feed industry and also tannins extracted from tamarind husk are used in leather industry and Tamarind husk is also used for making fish poison. Tamarind husk and Tamarind seed husk uses are not limited to know applications and usages but it has many unknown usages and applications. We supply good quality of tamarind husk/seed husk.

Tamarind seed husk exhibit some characteristics:

  • Fiber (18%-22%)
  • Tannins (18%-22%)


  • Packing: 25kg or 50kg per bag
  • Packed in: Hdpe Polylined Woven Sacks
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