Mysore Starch Manufacture Company



The Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company (MYSMACO) is one of the oldest and trusted Manufacturer, Supplier and largest Exporter of Tamarind seed based starch products from India. The company came into existence through a small humble beginning since then we have been manufacturing and supplying different grades of tamarind kernel powder /Tamarind seed starches for different industrial usages and applications.


Tamarind seed powder manufacturers india

Mysore starch manufacturing company was established in the year 1946 by late founder Mr M.Sathyanarayan on a small scale. Soon the potential and demand increased in the later years and in order to cope up the demand, the company transformed itself into a medium scale industry and now at present company is recognized as largest manufactures of tamarind seed starches.

History known as our late founder was a pioneer in setting up tamarind seed starch processing industry in India and first known person to semi automate the tamarind seed (kernel) powder manufacturing process by trial and error. Further certainly the product history talks about the pre independence era of India during the same period the low agriculture yields had pushed India to depend on other countries for food requirements and tamarind fruit being one of the horticulture product post harvest tamarind seeds were thrown away as agricultural waste, during those times our late founder Mr.M.Sathyanarayan realised that tamarind seeds can be utilized and post processing it can be used as an excellent sizing material and tuned into valuable product as “ Tamarind seed starch” to such great extend that larger textiles and jute companies started replacing other food grain starches by Tamarind seed based starches for sizing purposes, which in turn made a successful entrepreneur journey for the entire generation of The Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company..

Further in the year 1970, Mysore starch manufacturing company began exporting tamarind kernel powder to other countries due to other vast application and usages associated with tamarind kernel powder and we were the first known companies to export tamarind kernel powder (Starches) outside India. Today we are a leading company in exporting tamarind based starches to many global companies for different industrial purposes and applications. Our products presence has even reached Japan, China, Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Russia, South America, Srilanka, Germany, Italy, France and some parts of North America... Etc.