About Us


Today The Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company being a several decade old reputed company in manufacturing tamarind starches is efficiently managed by two directors MR. M.S. ASHOK KUMAR AND MR. M.S. MADHAVA PRASAD. Both directors have been working with the company from nearly 35 years and under their vision we are able to achieve higher market share position in terms of product reach and export our complete production outside India.

Further to mention both directors helped Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company to advance the entire process of Tamarind seed powder manufacturing plant and was able to achieve the advanced process with lots of retrials and finally with less manual and more automated process for manufacturing Tamarind seed powder was crafted, but without realizing to opt for the patent rights technology for this process instead both directors left the whole process open for many companies to replicate them and this was mainly done for the contribution towards growth in tamarind starch based products market and also reduce the dependent on other starches made from valuable agro products. Today many companies approached Mysore starch manufacturing Company for designs, technical knowhow and thorough knowledge for grinding process and replicate the same process through technology transfer.

Nevertheless being largest manufactures, Exporters and Suppliers of Tamarind kernel powder Products, The Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company enjoys the reputation and recognitions from competitors and continues to hold this position and this was only possible by means of taking the company forward by both the directors.

Furthermore due to the vast applications of Tamarind seed powder based products are now used for various purposes such as textile thickeners, printing gum, food additives, adhesives industry , textile sizing industry , explosives industry , dyeing industry , oil drilling, mining ,ply wood industry, and many more which is still yet to known to practically through research And about the product wise, the tamarind seeds are procured post harvest of tamarind fruit are from Tamarind trees which are mainly grown in tropical countries like Africa, south East Asia and India is the leading producer of tamarind; currently India produces about 30million tons of tamarind fruit annually and of which 40% to 60 % seeds are produced for tamarind seed powder products.

Our company sells products in the name of LOTUS brand and has a prominent brand name in market.