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Tamarind Fruit

Tamarind, (Tamarindus indica) is native to tropical Africa and India. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible fruit, the sweet and sour pulp of which is extensively used in foods, beverages, and traditional medicines. The plant is especially popular in the Indian subcontinent and in Central America and Mexico and is a common ingredient in the cuisine of those regions. The tree is also grown as an ornamental, and the wood is used in carpentry.

Different Forms of Tamarind we offer:

Tamarind is available in prepared forms, such as candy and sweetened syrup.

You can also find the pure fruit in three main forms:

  • Raw pods: These pods are the least processed form of tamarind. They’re still intact and can be easily opened to remove the pulp.
  • Pressed block:: To make these, the shell and seeds are removed and the pulp is compressed into a block. These blocks are one step away from raw tamarind.
  • Concentrate:: Tamarind concentrate is pulp that has been boiled down. Preservatives may also be added

In India, Tamarind is widely used in preparation of dishes, curries, sauces and many more and adds a tongue tickling tangy flavour to the foods in which it is added.


Energy: 239 kcal (1000kj)td>
Carbohydrates: 62.5g
Sugars: 57.4
Dietary fibre: 5.1g
Fat: 0.6g
Protein: 2.8g
Vitamin C: 8.6 mg
Vitamin B6: 0.143mg
Vitamin E: 3.5mg
Iron: 74mg
Calcium: 5mg
Zinc: 28mg

Health benefits of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica):

The polyphenols in tamarind have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These can protect against many diseases

  • Tamarind is a good source of antioxidants that fight against cancer.
  • Tamarind lowers cholesterol
  • Tamarind is used in treating bile disorders
  • Tamarind is use as a gargle for sore throats
  • Tamarind promotes healthy heart
  • Tamarind helps the body digest food
  • Tamarind is used as a diuretic remedy for bilious disorders, jaundice and catarrh
  • Tamarind applied to the skin to heal inflammation
  • Tamarind juice is a mild laxative.
  • Tamarind drink will bring down sunstroke.
  • The heated juice is used to cure conjunctivitis.
  • Eye drops made from tamarind seeds may be a treatment for dry eye syndrome.
  • Tamarind reduces fevers and provides protection against colds.
  • Juice extracted from the Tamarind tree flowers is given internally for bleeding piles.