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Mysore Starch Manufacturing Company is efficiently managed by partnership proprietors and entrepreneurs MR. M.S. ASHOK KUMAR AND MR. M.S. MADHAVA PRASAD who have been working with the company nearly 40 years by bringing their best fundamentals to the company to great extend. Under the vision of their dreams we are able to achieve bigger market position not only in India but many countries around the world as well; for nearly 30years we were a leader in supplying TKP products known for reliability and quality hence the company still dominates and continues to hold this position for tamarind kernel powder and carboxyl methyl tamarind kernel powder products and now we are also known for best trusted company for manufacturing tamarind kernel powder products. Nevertheless being best manufactures, Exporters and Suppliers of Tamarind kernel powder Products, our company is a proud Member of Indian Bureau of standards TDC 12, shellac and forest export promotion council and also an ISO certified Company. Our company sells products in the name of LOTUS brand and at present production capacity has increased tenth folds for manufacturing Tamarind kernel powder and carboxyl methyl tamarind kernel powder products.


Due to the vast applications, Tamarind kernel powder is used for various purposes such as textile thickeners, printing gum, food additives, adhesives industry , textile sizing industry , explosives industry , dyeing industry , oil drilling, mining ,ply wood industry, and many more. Tamarind trees are mainly grown in tropical countries like Africa and south East Asia, India is the leading producer of tamarind; currently India produces about 30million tons of tamarind fruit annually and of which 40% to 60 % seeds are produced for tamarind seed powder.


How we are different from others

  • Established in the year 1946, over 60 years of industrial experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying Tamarind kernel powder and carboxymethyl tamarind kernel powder products
  • Designed our own Manufacturing machinery Technology and perfected manufacturing process for tamarind kernel powder
  • Member of Indian Bureau Of Standards TDC 12
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified company
  • Customers choose us for Reliability ,Quality and Price
  • High quality raw materials procurement to manufacture finest tamarind kernel powder
  • Customised packaging with superior bags and woven sacks for damage free material
  • Testing and research Laboratory for examining product specification parameters
  • Modern infrastructure equipped with latest technology in machinery for manufacturing high quality tamarind kernel powder and carboxyl methyl tamarind kernel powder


Quality and Reliability Assurance

We never compromise on the quality of products which we offer. Our quality assurance checks include inspecting raw materials quality, assemblies, production components and final products to meet the customer’s requirements and their product specifications. We guarantee delivery of products on time. We take pre-production checks seriously by validating lot of samples to meet specified quality for manufacturing high quality products.

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